Saturday 14 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Tony Hough!

As regular readers of this blog will know, Tony Hough is the artist who produced both the internal illustrations and cover for my second FF commission, Knights of Doom.

It was his painting of the Chaos Steed and its Beastman rider which really made the book stand out from all the others in the series, thanks to a palette that was predominantly based around purple.

Skip forwards some ten years or so and I was putting the finishes touches to the updated and expanded version of Bloodbones, ready for publication by Wizard Books. I discovered that Martin McKenna, who had already produced the cover, was not available to draw the internals, but was delighted to hear that Tony would be doing so instead.

His style and skill had moved on in the past decade and I feel that his illustrations for Bloodbones have a lightness and depth that make them among some of the best black and whites he’s produced. The detail in these images is astonishing and I love how he has turned what were my flights of fancy into living and breathing men and monsters.

Last year, Tony brought out a book of his artwork called, appropriately enough, Fragments - The Fantasy Art of Tony Hough.

It's his birthday today, so if you feel like getting him a present, why not order follow this link to order yourself a copy?

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