Wednesday 29 February 2012

Ian Livingstone and Rebecca Levene on Radio 4

Friday night's Front Row programme was all about the cultural snobbery concerning video games. Novelist and games writer Naomi Alderman interviewed various industry insiders about this issue, first and foremost among them Ian Livingstone (yes, that Ian Livingstone). However, I was thrilled to hear my friend Bex Levene discussing the current state of the games industry during the course of the programme as well.

It was also interesting to hear Rhianna Pratchett talking about how writers are all too often brought in too late in the development of a video game, almost as an afterthought, by which time there's very little the writer can do to save the game if it's already a mess. This is something which Tin Man Games have most certainly got the right way round, hence the recent spate of award nominations for my own Temple of the Spider God.

If you didn't hear the programme when it was broadcast, you can listen to it here and now.

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