Wednesday 22 February 2012

Journal of the Spider-Queen

Yes, loyal followers, you read that right. Spider-Queen, not Spider God.

For those of you who follow this blog because of my connection to the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon, you may well already recognise the image on the front of this jotter journal.

That's right - it's Aranaea the Spider-Queen from my sixth Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebook Howl of the Werewolf, as illustrated by Martin McKenna. Martin has made a number of his illustrations available as prints in various formats - including the Big Bad Wolf from the cover of the book - through Cafepress.

Checking out Martin's (at long last) updated blog, I'm always amazed to discover in how many different places the Werewolf painting turns up. I mean, I know it's a generic werewolf, but that painting was specifically created for a book which I wrote. I've seen it reproduced on magazine covers, gig posters for Heavy Metal bands, and now it's surfaced once again, only this time etched into human flesh. Yes, that's right, someone's had it turned into a tattoo!

I used to be a werewolf, but I'm alright noooooooow!

Bet that smarts.

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Tony Hough said...

Cool stuff! Did I ever mention that prints of the Knights of Doom cover have been available from my Cafepress shop since 2006? No? That's because I'd completely forgotten about it myselF!!