Thursday 5 April 2012

E is for Edwards... Les Edwards

I recently (well, relatively recently) interviewed Fantasy Art legend Les Edwards for a piece I was writing about the history of Fighting Fantasy*. But as Les is an artist**, and at least some of the questions related to his work, I present the interview for you now...

1. Which was the first Fighting Fantasy gamebook you read?

I can’t remember which one I did first. I’ve never read one all the way through, only far enough to get familiar with the material.

2. Did you read FF before illustrating FF?

No. I’m not interested in gaming.

3. Which is your favourite FF gamebook?

I don’t have a favourite book but I think Creature of Havoc is my favourite cover of the ones that I did. I also have a soft spot for Skylord as it has a bit of humour in it.

4. How did you find the process of illustrating FF books? Was it an enjoyable experience? How did it compare to other illustration jobs?

I enjoyed doing them. I always liked using that kind of material as it wasn’t anywhere as commonplace as it is now. We seem to have Fantasy-like material wherever you look now.

5. What are you doing now?

I’m working on a short comic strip about Zombies

6. How much did FF influence your career and what you are doing today?

Hard to answer that. The FF covers were just a series of jobs amongst a lot of others. No one realised we’d still be talking about them after all this time.

7. How do you explain the gamebook resurgence of the last couple of years

I’m sure one of the reasons is that the people who had the books as kids are now grown up and feeling nostalgic. It’s an interesting phenomenon and I’ve had several private commissions from FF fans who are now “grown up” and would like to own an FF style painting.

Thanks to Les for answering my questions, and don't forget to check back again tomorrow for the letter F...

* And, by chance, I met him in person last Friday.

** Did you know he's produced 13 FF covers over the years?

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