Sunday 29 April 2012

Magestorm - available again

I am very pleased to be able to announce that Magestorm - my second Warhammer novel - has been made available again by Black Library in a shiny new zeroes and ones format.

The story was linked to the Storm of Chaos event back in the summer of 2004 and even earned me a credit in the Storm of Chaos campaign book*. It also featured cover art by the inestimable Adrian Smith.

The new eBook edition comes with an equally shiny and new blurb...

Lord Archaon's dark hordes of Chaos are rampaging across the Old World and all good men of the Empire must heed the call to fight against the encroaching evil. Standing to the fore is fire wizard, Gerhart Brennend – a loner whose mysterious past is drenched in tragedy. As the Storm of Chaos approaches the Imperial city of Wolfenburg, a desperate battle looms and blood will be spilled like never before! Wolfenburg must not fall!

You can buy the eBook of Magestorm here from Black Library.

Also available now is the eBook edition of Swords of the Empire which just so happens to features my hard to find Badenov's Band short story The Nagenhof Bell. You can buy Swords of the Empire here.

* Thanks, Gav!

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