Wednesday 26 September 2012

European Day of Languages

In case you didn't know already, today is the European Day of Languages.

Over the years a number of my books have been translated into other language editions, mainly my Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and the colour text I wrote for Games Workshop back in the day. (I remember walking into a shop in Venice once and discovering an Italian copy of the old Wood Elves Warhammer Armies book which was full of stories about characters such as Durthu the Treeman, all written by me.)

For reasons that are far too complicated and tedious to explain right now, I'm not currently in the place where most of my books are, so trying to remember how many different foreign editions I've got is tricky... However I can tell you with certainly about these...

Spellbreaker (1993)

Translated into French as Le sépulcre des ombres.

Knights of Doom (1994)

Translated into French as Les chevaliers du destin and Hungarian as Démonlovagok

Curse of the Mummy (1995)

Translated into Portuguese as A maldição da múmia.

Bloodbones (2006)

Translated into French as Le Pirate de l’Au-delà.

Night of the Necromancer (2010)

Soon to appear in a French edition, entitled La nuit du nécromancien.

The Dead and the Damned (2002)

Translated into French as Mort ou damné and Spanish as Los muertos y los condenados.

 Crusade for Armageddon (2003)

Translated into French as La croisade d'Armageddon.

Magestorm (2004)

Translated into Spanish as Tormenta mágica and Polish (although I can't remember the title).

Necromancer (2005)

Translated into Spanish as Nigromante.

I believe that there are also plans to have my Gamebook Adventure Temple of the Spider God translated into French and that a German publisher has shown an interest in producing German language editions of my Pax Britannia novels. And only last week, another company showed an interest in producing a French edition of Herald of Oblivion.

Strangely, despite being one of the most popular Fighting Fantasy gamebooks ever written, Howl of the Werewolf has yet to be translated. However, the cover continues to appear on everything from t-shirts and magazine covers to people's backs!

If you have to know of any foreign language editions of my books that I've missed, I'd appreciate it if you would drop me a line at

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