Friday 28 September 2012

FantasyCon 2012 - Day 1

Yes, it's here at last - FantasyCon 2012!

I'll be heading down to Brighton today for what will no doubt prove to be a raucous, entertaining and very useful weekend, hobnobbing with other genre authors, editors, publishers and fans.

As well as Yours Truly, amongst those attending are Will Hill, Cavan Scott, Sarah Pinborough and Simon Bestwick.

Today - Friday - you'll be able to find me on the 'Blurring Genre Boundaries' panel (2.00-3.00pm in the Fitzherbert Room) but if I arrive in time, I'll also be in the audience for 'How Important Are Blogs?' (same venue but from 1.00pm). I'm hoping the general consensus of opinion will be 'Yes' seeing as how I dedicate a fair amount of time to blogging. (Not missed a single day so far this year!)

In the evening there really is an embarrassment of riches - from a showing of Wicker Tree, and the Quiz, to readings by Lou Morgan and Will Hill. With so much on offer, I think  I'm just going to have to decide when I'm there.

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