Sunday, 18 December 2016

Shakespeare Sunday: New review of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu

Another pleasing review of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu was posted on Amazon this week.

"I rarely support book kickstarters as I usually prefer just buying the book once it's available, however this seemed like a fun idea so I backed it. And I'm glad I did... The design is taken from play manuscripts of the time and adds a sense of visual aesthetic to the read. It also helps ground the stories it contains... While the variance in quality can be expected in an anthology like this, it's strength also stems from that variety. The range of stories from Shakespeare is impressive, as is how they were handled. There's some lovely craft here. So I liked this a lot, it was a fun concept, that delivered on its premise. Highly recommended."

You can pick up your own copy of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu here. And, once you've read it, why not post your own review?

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