Saturday 10 December 2016

Sharkpunk Shakespeare Short Story Saturday: New reviews!

Two reviews for you today, one for Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu and one for the recently-released audiobook version of SHARKPUNK.

Let's start with the SHARKPUNK audiobook review by Nathan Robinson:

"If you like sharks, you’ll love this. Original tales each as different as the next. If you love short horror stories, especially a themed anthology, then Sharkpunk might be worth you dipping your toe into. Already I’m hoping for volume 2, but this time, they’re gonna need a bigger book...."

And now the review of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu by SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer:

"This is another anthology on par with Sharkpunk... in terms of collecting together some quality stories. There’s an impressive range of talent on display, and a wide range of material being drawn on – not just 17 versions of Othello and Romeo and Juliet... As with Sharkpunk, there are a few tales that manage to stand out even amongst the general high quality of the anthology... In conclusion, this is another winning anthology from Snowbooks as publisher and Jonathan Green as editor, elevated even further by the inclusion of the incredible Exeunt by John Reppion."

You can buy SHARKPUNK here, and Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu here.

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