Thursday, 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, people up and down the country will be donning their Halloween costumes - turning themselves into witches, vampires, werewolves, mummies, demons, and zombies - for the duration of the dark celebrations.

If you're planning on staying in tonight, hopefully avoiding the trick or treaters, and you're looking for a creepy story to curl up with before the witching hour, you might want to try one of these...

Witches and demons abound in my first published Fighting Fantasy adventure.

My third FF adventure, heavily-inspired by Mummy movies from right across the cinematic era.

My first Warhammer novel, which features all manner of daemons, not to mention the shambling ranks of the undead.

The tale of one man's fall from grace and the corrupting power of necromancy.

More zombie pirates and voodoo curses than you can shake a cutlass at.

In my fifth FF adventure, you must stopped yourself turning into a werewolf before the next full moon by hunting down and killing the Arch-Lycanthrope.

Human Nature (2008) and Evolution Expects (2009)
A couple of body horror classics from my Pax Britannia steampunk series of novels.

Death is not the end... Murdered on your way home, you rise from the dead to avenge your own murder.

Blood Royal (2010) and Anno Frankenstein (2011)
Two more Pax Britannia novels, inspired by classic horror movies of yesteryear.

Shadows Over Sylvania (2013)
YOU are a vampire in my one and only Warhammer gamebook, which remains one of the best I have ever written, and probably the hardest to get hold of too.

Game Over (2015)
A collection of techno-chillers, ghost stories inspired by classic video games, edited by Yours Truly.

A dark tale of the Cthulhu Mythos, inspired by the legend of the Lambton Worm.

And coming in 2020...

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