Friday, 27 March 2020

Gamebook Friday: Alice's Nightmare in Italy

Next week I was supposed to be attending PLAY: The Games Festival, held in the Italian city of Modena. The Italian language version of Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland was due to launch at the event, and I was going to be signing copies of the book.

As things stand, PLAY has been postponed until the end of May, but I really can't say for certain at this time whether (a) the event will still go ahead, or (b) whether I'll be there.

However, in anticipation of the launch of L'Incubo di Alice nel Paese Delle Meraviglie, I was interviewed for Librograme's Land Magazine. You can read the interview, if you can read Italian, here.

I was also supposed to be giving a talk to The Lewis Carroll Society in London this evening, but, unsurprisingly, it has been cancelled.

In other gamebook-related news, Dracula - Curse of the Vampire now has just four days left to run on Kickstarter and has already passed Stretch Goal #1. Can we reach Stretch Goal #2 before Tuesday lunchtime? If everyone keeps spreading the word, I am sure we can!

I must have been subconsciously influenced by the Coronavirus Pandemic, as there are four places in the adventure where you can pick up infectious diseases!

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