Sunday, 15 August 2021

Cover reveal! A krampusz éjszakája

I am pleased to say that there are various translations of my ACE Gamebooks in the works, including a Polish edition of Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland from Muduko.

But the cover I want to reveal to you today is the one for the Hungarian translation of 'TWAS - The Krampus Night Before Christmas, which is to be published by Chameleon Comix later this year.

A krampusz éjszakája translates as 'Night of the Krampus'*, while the tagline at the top reads 'Brand new gamebook from the author of Demon Knights!'

In the UK, 'Demon Knights' was published as Knights of Doom.

Here's a mock-up of the hardback edition of the new translation...

And here it is as a paperback...

Those of you who know the adventure already, or who have played the 'TWAS RPG, will recognise the cover art by my long-time collaborator Tony Hough.

* Continuing the theme started by other gamebooks of mine including Night of the Necromancer and Night of the Kraken.

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