Monday, 30 May 2022

Secret Project: Playtest #2

So, having revised the rules following on from the first playtest, I gave the new card game another spin. I reduced one stat and the number of cards in each Player's hand. However, I am still considering increasing the quantity available of a particular type of card in the deck, and making the game for up to six Players, rather than just four.

I wasn't very far into the second playtest when I realised that nowhere in the rules does it explain what the icons on the cards mean and, as a result, had forgotten about one of the benefits of one of the icons. Clearly that is the most obvious change that needs to made before playtesting again.

This time the game lasted for 20 minutes, with Player K being knocked out by becoming the victim of everyone else's attacks. Player F left the proceedings unexpectedly early, leaving Player L and Player S to fight it out between them. In the end, Player S won, but only because Player L suffered the same sudden end as Player F.

Once I've made those fixes to the rules, I think the game will be ready for some more intensive playtesting sessions involving people who have never played it before.

Wish me luck!

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