Thursday 23 March 2023

Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels

Ideally this would have been posted on Warhammer Wednesday, but the news only dropped five hours ago (as of writing). If you've not seen the reveal from Games Workshop yet, the big new - HUGE news, in fact - is that the Lion has returned!

Why do I mention this on my blog? Because it was I, under the guidance of game design legend Jervis Johnson, who wrote the Dark Angels background for the original Codex: Angels of Death, the last paragraph of which revealed that the body of Lion El'Jonson was hidden deep with the Rock, the Dark Angels' base of operations and all that was left of their devastated homeworld Caliban. So to see the Primarch enter Warhammer 40,000 some 27 years later is really quite cool.

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