Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Cover Reveal! Moon Knight: Age of Anubis

I am delighted to be able to share with you the cover for my forthcoming Marvel: Marvellous Missions gamebook, Moon Knight: Age of Anubis, after it was posted on the official Moon Knight Twitter account (@moonknight) and Facebook page ( today.

The illustration of our hero is by Xteve Abanto.

When N’Kantu, the Living Mummy, escapes his sarcophagus and steals an artifact that turns swaths of mankind into zombies, Moon Knight steps in to save the day… Assisted by an eager Egyptologist, Moon Knight chases N’Kantu from the streets of New York to an ancient temple in Egypt, where the two uncover an evil ritual that will begin a battle between gods over the power of life and death.

Moon Knight: Age of Anubis, will be published in the US on 5 September 2023, and in the UK on 23 November 2023, but you can pre-order it now.

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