Sunday 14 January 2024

Happy Birthday, Tony Hough!

M'colleague and occasional collaborator, fantasy artist Tony Hough, is 60 years old today!

Tony and I first worked together when Puffin Books commissioned him to illustrate my second Fighting Fantasy gamebook Knights of Doom, for which he also painted the cover.

We spoke for the first time, over the phone, not long after he became a father but didn't meet until some years later at Dragonmeet.

We worked together again when he provided the internal illustrations for Bloodbones, my fourth FF gamebook, which was published by Wizard Books.

I was privileged to visit an exhibition of Tony's art - much of it Warhammer 40K and Fighting Fantasy-related - in his home town of Luton, and he was one of the artists who attended the first Fighting Fantasy Fest in 2014. He has also attended every one since.

Since then Tony has provided a picture for the Shakespeare Vs. Cthulhu short story anthology and he illustrated my fourth ACE Gamebook, 'TWAS - The Krampus Night Before Christmas. He is also the illustrator on the 'TWAS RPG line and our next collaboration will be The Box of Delights RPG.

So please raise a glass to Tony on this, his 60th birthday. May his STAMINA never fail!

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