Friday 1 March 2024

Gamebook Friday: Cannes Festival des Jeux 2024

Last weekend I spent a very enjoyable three days in the south of France at the Cannes Festival des Jeux*. I was there at the invitation of both Scriptarium, who publish the French language version of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition, and Alkonost Editions, who publish my ACE Gamebooks in French.

Veteran gamebook author Dave Morris, he of Virtual Reality Gamebooks and Fabled Lands fame, was also in attedance with his wife Roz, who is also an author.

A large part of the weekend was spent chatting with French gamebook fans and signing copies of my Fighthing Fantasy adventures as well as my ACE Gamebooks.

Highlights of the weekend included two fabulous meals out with our hosts (and Dave and Roz are excellent company), making lots of new friends, seeing an edition of the French translation of Knights of Doom I don't own, and meeting Emmanuel Quaireau, France's bestselling author of gamebook graphic novels, who publishes under the name Manuro.

But probably the biggest highlight was winning an award at the Prix du Livre-Jeu 2023 awards!

The hordes waiting to enter Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes.

Patrick readying the Alkonost stand.

ACE Gamebooks en Francais - a.k.a. Les Contes tordus de Green.

Florent and Frederic on the Scriptarium stand.

This is the pile of books one fan brought from Paris to Cannes for me to sign.

Guillaume Romero brought this copy of Knights of Doom for me to sign, and it was the first time I had ever seen one. I need to add this to my personal collection!

Emmanuel Quaireau, a.k.a. Manuro, with his latest graphic gamebook,

Sunset over the French Riviera.

Making my short acceptance speech at the Gamebook Awards 2023.

And here is the award itself with the re-issue of Night of the Necromancer.

Back row: Laurent Centro, of Alkonost Editions, and Florent Haro, of Scriptarium.
Front row: Roz Morris, Dave Morris, and Yours Truly.

* The Cannes Games Festival - rather like the UK Games Expo but smaller and with more je ne c'est quoi. 

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