Friday 15 March 2024

Gamebook Friday: The Darkness Over Arkham - the first reviews

The first reviews are in from those people who have had a chance to read the ARC* of The Darkness Over Arkham via NetGalley, and they make for pleasing reading. Here's what three reviewers had to say about the first Arkham Horror Investigators Gamebook.

"This was... my first introduction to Arkham Horror and I enjoyed the vibe of it. It's very Lovecraftian and atmospheric. The storyline was really engaging; I ended up playing a bunch of times and I loved that each of my endings was a grim one. The Darkness Over Arkham was such a cool experience, I highly recommend reading this when it comes out in May!" ~ 5/5 stars

"An enjoyable addition to the Arkham Horror universe. Fun to play through and a cool investigation in a book." ~ 4/5 stars

"Recommended for people going on trips, who like the world of Arkham, or really enjoy playing gamebooks. The story is good, the plot really moves, and there are plenty of different ways to do things for a bit of replayability." ~ 4/5 stars

The Darkness Over Arkham is released by Aconyte Books in the US in paperback and as a global ebook on 7 May 2024, and in the UK in paperback on 18 July 2024.

* Advance Reader Copy.

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