Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Embedded by Dan Abnett

Angry Robot Books have released the first four chapters (some 40 odd pages) of Dan Abnett's brand new sci-fi thriller future war romp Embedded.

The colony planet of Eighty-Six looks as dull as all its fellow new worlds to veteran journalist Lex Falk, but when a local squabble starts to turn violent, and the media start getting the runaround from the military high command, his interest is seriously piqued.

Forbidden from approaching the battlezone, he gets himself chipped inside the head of a combat veteran – and uncovers the story of a lifetime. When the soldier is killed, however, Falk must use all his resourcefulness to get back home again… and blow the lid off the whole damn thing.

And you can read them for yourself here! And if you like what you read (which you surely will) you can buy the book here.

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