Saturday, 5 March 2011

Official Doctor Who Book Signing

As the (so-called) great and the good spout forth about literary fiction for World Book Night (in a most patronising manner, I might add), here's my contribution...

I popped down to Olympia Two today I catch up with the guys who were there to sign the first two Doctor Who Children's Books releases of 2011. Having met many of them over the 'net, it was great to meet them in the flesh (as it were). As well as Justin Richards (author of Death Riders), Trevor Baxendale (who's written Heart of Stone), Oli Smith (System Wipe) and Colin Brake (The Good, the Bad and the Alien), cover artist Paul Campbell was there as well, who told me that he's just started roughing out the cover for my book Terrible Lizards.

Justin Richards and Trevor Baxendale

Colin Brake and cover artist Paul Campbell. (The guy on the left's Oli Smith, by the way.)

It was also good to meet Hermione and Leanne from Penguin Books (at long last) but it seems I left before this particular guest dropped by. Good thing I met him a month ago at the SFX Weekender.

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Hamza said...

Jon, I was just wondering, do you know how old Oli Smith is? He looks young in all of the photos I've seen of him. In this particular one, for example, I think he could pass off for 16.