Thursday, 17 March 2011

Victories of the Space Marines - first review

Thanks to fellow scribe Sarah Cawkwell (who pointed me in the right direction) I've seen the first review of Victories of the Space Marines which includes my latest Warhammer 40K short story But Dust in the Wind.

Here's what Bane of Kings, over at The Founding Fields, had to say about my contribution:

But Dust in the Wind by Jonathan Green

An Imperial Fists Story

Right, we’re coming to the end of this anthology, and we have a third short focusing on the first founding chapters, this time the Imperial Fists, and written by Jonathan Green, whose work includes The Armageddon Omnibus, A Print on Demand collection of Black Templar Novels.

Having not read anything by Jonathan Green in the past apart from a good short story in Legends of the Space Marines, I was pleased to see a new take on the Imperial Fists as I did not, if I am being honest, enjoy Sons of Dorn by Chris Roberson. Now, as Jonathan Green had written about the Black Templars in the past, I was wondering what his take would be on the fists would be.

I must say, that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s good to see that the Necrons are getting more love nowadays, as they are the main enemy that the Imperial Fists have to face.

Now, whereas Black Dawn lacked the epic battles, But Dust in the Wind makes up for it with epic encounters between the Imperial Fists and the Necrons, and comes complete with a tragic conclusion. Despite there being little character development in this short, I felt that I enjoyed it nonetheless, and this has defiantly made me interested in picking up The Armageddon Omnibus.

Rating: 7.5/10

Not sure if he meant 'defiantly' there at the end or 'definitely'. Anyway, it's interesting to hear that Bane preferred my take on the Imperial Fists to Chris Roberson's.

Remember, you can pre-order Victories of the Space Marines here.

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