Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Graham McNeill on writing novels

New York Times Bestselling Black Library author Graham McNeill has written a great post over at his website about the trials and tribulations he goes through when writing a novel. In it he confesses that he's one of those writers who can't help tinkering as he goes along and cannot bear the idea of writing 'The End' and then having to go back and effectively re-write the book.

I'm afraid I seem one of those writers who ploughs on to the bitter end then has a hell of a lot to do on the second pass. My manuscripts end up in good order (and probably all the better for the thorough going over) but you have to take a very deep breath before diving back in and battling your way through the novel for a second time when - psychologically at least - you've already finished it.

Perhaps with my next novel (my fourteenth and Ulysses Quicksilver's eighth Pax Britannia adventure Time's Arrow) I can take more of a McNeill approach to things.

Yeah, right.

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