Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New review of Victories of the Space Marines

Victories of the Space Marines, which contains my Imperial Fists short story But Dust in the Wind, has been reviewed over at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review.

Here's what Graeme has to say about the anthology in general:

The first thing to cross my mind when I saw the title was ‘way to spoil the ending of each and every short story in the collection’. The Space Marines win… Ok… Now we know that, is there any point in reading the rest of the book?

The short answer, for me anyway, was ‘yes’ and on the whole I didn’t regret it. You may have a good idea about how things will turn out in each story but that’s almost beside the point really. If you’re reading a Black Library book then you’re after a well written tale (of course) but what you’re also after is a book where stuff happens.

And here's what he has to say about But Dust in the Wind:

Imperial Fists Marines versus the robotic Necrons in a fight to the death. Green’s story shows us in no uncertain terms that even though victory comes with a cost, the fight is still worth fighting. And there’s a face off between genetically powered warriors and tomb dwelling robots which is done in the best possible way. You can’t lose really. (9/10)

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