Monday 27 May 2013

A-Z Cities of Death - available now!

This one kind of slipped under the radar, but another of my short stories has just been published for the first time, after a long gestation period.

A-Z Cities of Death, edited by Dean M Drinkel, is available now via Amazon and CreatSpace. Twenty-Six stories about twenty-six cities by twenty-six writers.

My contribution is U is for Ur - City of the Moon, a story I wrote back in January 2012.

The entire table of contents is as follows:

A Is For Adelaide by Steven Gepp
B Is For Baltimore by Ron Koppelberger
C Is For Calais by Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
D Is For Darktowne by Ran Cartwright
E Is For Erum by Robert Tangiers
F Is For Fortune by Paul Woodward
G Is For Gotham by John X. Grey
H Is For Harbin by G.R. Yeates
I Is For Intrepid by City George Wilhite
J Is For Johannesburg by Suzanne van Rooyen
K Is For Kathmandu by Dave Fragments
L Is For Lobo by Sandra Norval
M Is For Miami by Rachel Chipp
N Is For Necropolis by Richard Salter
O Is For Ottawa by Carrie Orr
P Is For Paris by Dean M Drinkel
Q Is For Quito by Sean Monaghan
R Is For Ripon by Philip Meeks
S Is For Stoke-On-Trent by Jan Edwards
T Is For The Greatest City In America by S. Wayne Roberts
U Is For Ur by Jonathan Green
V Is For Venice by Edward McKeown
W Is For Waddington by Jason Brawn
X Is For Xanadu by Steven Gepp
Y Is For York by R.S. Pyne
Z Is For Zebulan by Justin Miles

You can pick up your copy of A-Z Cities of Death here.

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