Thursday 16 June 2011

Alt.Fiction 2011

There's barely a week to go before Alt.Fiction hits Derby QUAD, bringing you the very best in speculative fiction, including panels featuring your favourite genre authors and workshops to help you improve your craft.

I went a few years ago with Abaddon Books to launch the Pax Britannia line but have unfortunately been unable to get back since. This year is no exception (although various of m'colleagues are going), but if I was able to attend I would be checking out the following:

10am - Military Science Fiction podcast - featuring m'colleagues Graham McNeill and Gav Thorpe
11am - The Infamous Horror Panel - including Sarah Pinborough and Adam Nevill
12pm - Guest of Honour - Dan Abnett
2pm - Steampunk podcast
3pm - Editing an anthology - featuring one of my editors Christian Dunn
4pm - The World of Publishing Panel
5pm - I'd be torn between the BBC Books Panel and the Tie-in Fiction and Shared Worlds podcast
6pm - Workshop with Graham McNeill
8pm - Audio Books Panel - featuring Christian Dunn and Dan Abnett

10am - Is the Genre just for Boys? podcast - I have a pretty good idea what another of my editors who's on the panel, Jenni Hill, will have to say about that
11am - Genre Classics podcast - Dan Abnett again
12pm - Workshop with Dan Abnett - do you see a pattern forming here?
2pm - Torn again, this time between the Using Mythology in Writing podcast and the Comics Panel (featuring Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and Paul Cornell)
3pm - How Not to Get Published podcast - featuring former collaborator, editor and publisher of mine Marc Gascoigne and current editor of mine Jenni Hill
4pm - What Next for the Genre? - featuring - oh, surprise-surprise - Dan Abnett

You can pore over the (very) full programme of events on offer here, and you can purchase your tickets here.

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