Sunday 12 June 2011

Destiny Quest in SciFiNow magazine

Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow, the original gamebook by Michael J Ward, has been receiving rave reviews ever since it was released in February. Well now it's received a rave review in SciFiNow magazine as well.

This is no mean feat, and all credit to Mr Ward for writing such an excellent and original gamebook for the World of Warcraft generation. I myself have yet to have a book reviewed in SciFiNow.

What's very pleasing for me is that at the end of the review, my own Night of the Necromancer is recommended to Destiny Quest fans in the box out entitled 'If You Like This Try...'

However, what is less pleasing is that during the course of the review itself, reviewer Michael O'Connor says of Destiny Quest, "It's an exciting, adventure-packed new series that instantly rivals the more established Fighting Fantasy line, and is actually a lot more enjoyable than most of them have been of late."

Excuse me, Mr O'Connor, but would you like to qualify that statement? Do you mean the recently republished FF gamebooks, originally published in the 80s, or do you mean the newest in the series, written by Yours Truly?

If you mean the latter, I would ask have you actually read any of my new titles? I'm hoping you have, having recommended Night of the Necromancer. But then what do you mean by the comment regarding the recent FF entries being less enjoyable than previous titles? My last three books have all received rave reviews elsewhere, and have been praised for updating the franchise for the 21st century. The quality of the writing has also been mentioned, particularly the increased depth of story. So, Mr O'Connor, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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