Wednesday 22 June 2011

Night of the Necromancer on Sci-Fi Online

When the Fighting Fantasy series was re-relaunched by Wizard Books, Sci-Fi Online played a part in helping to promote the gamebooks, publishing reviews of the first four releases and even posting an interview with me online.

Since then, the site has continued to review my recent* FF releases (and re-releases). Stormslayer, the first book they reviewed, received a very tasty 9 out of 10. Bloodbones was then reviewed and got the same great score. And now we come to Night of the Necromancer...

For some reason the reviewer wasn't so keen on this one, awarding it only 7 out of 10. And here's his reason:

If I had one slight complaint it was that in the early stages of the adventure you are fumbling around exploring areas without really knowing who or what you are supposed to be looking for. However, as your adventure progresses you soon pick up the piece to the puzzle.

Now this is interesting. At the start of the adventure the whole point is that you don't know what's going on... but never mind.

You can buy Night of the Necromancer through Amazon, where you'll also find some rather more glowing reviews.

* I use the term here in the loosest possible sense...

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