Friday 21 October 2011

House of Fear - news and reviews

Jon Oliver, editor of Solaris Books' horror anthology House of Fear, has been interviewed over at

During the course of said interview, he talks about how he came to select the authors who feature in the collection. Here's what he says about me and my contribution:

Jonathan Green did a short Pax Britannia piece on Alice in Wonderland set in a virtual reality emporium, which was really spooky and genuinely horrifying. Realising he can do dark very well, I asked him for House of Fear. His story’s probably the grimmest in the collection, it’s like one of those old Pan Book of Horror stories.

Meanwhile, over on, a reviewer mentions me in the same sentence as Christopher Priest - which is nice...

Christopher Priest's "Widow's Weeds" cleverly blends supernatural, magic and eroticism while Jonathan Green's "The Doll's House", a shocking piece where a woman stressed by family burdens has to face a more terrible nightmare, demonstrates how a conventional subject can be skilfully handled by an accomplished writer.


Unknown said...

I stumbled into this book by accident. The Doll's House is my favorite by far. To leave the ending in the imagination of the reads mind was great and disturbing at the same time.

Jonathan Green said...

Thanks, Anthony. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)