Wednesday 26 October 2011

Mission: Games Workshop - Bath

I was in Bath yesterday, a city I know very well having grown up just outside it and spent ten years attending school within it.

So - inevitably, you might say - I decided to visit the GW store there. When I used to visit Bath more regularly the store was on Upper Borough Walls and once, as I was walking passed, I saw a window display based on The Doom of Kazad Grund, a piece I created with Ralph Horsley for Inferno! magazine.

And then - not so long ago, it seemed - it moved to St James's Parade and became a grand Hobby Centre. And that was where I headed yesterday, only to find that particular property is now a hair salon! That's right, the GW store has moved once again. It's still on St James's Parade but in a much smaller premises.

However, I was delighted to find a copy of Phil Kelly's Dreadfleet novel in the store (having missed it on BL's web store) and saw a rather fine Arachnarok Spider model (that reminded me of this story) and a [CENSORED] which appears in my latest BL project. Perhaps, one day, that book will be on the shelves in the Bath store too...


Schaferlord. said...

now I am doubly saddened that I blew off tuesday gaming night for extra work on tuesday.

Jonathan Green said...

Not to worry. ;-)

I was only there for about 5 mins during the afternoon.