Saturday 8 December 2012

Short Story Saturday: Ain't No Sanity Clause

It's Saturday again (already!) which means it's time for some more short story news...
I shall be appearing in new publisher Fringeworks' first collection of Christmas stories, Ain't No Sanity Clause, edited by Theresa Derwin. The brief for story pitches was to combine psychopaths and other lunatics with a Christmas theme. So that's what I did.

The book's out on 10 December and my story is called - appropriately enough - Claws.

Here's the cover by artist Harry Raymond.

Of course I've tackled psychos and Christmas together before in 2009's Pax Britannia novella Christmas Past, which is still available to download for free here.

And in other short story news, in case you didn't know about it already, by first horror-themed short story collection is available now in eBook form*.

Dark Heart collects six of my horror-themed short stories under one cover**, including The Doll's House that first appeared in Solaris Books' House of Fear anthology, and is something of an eBook experiment in self-publishing.

Simply click on the appropriate cover below to download your copy today.

* The print edition is on its way too.

** All be it a cover formed from zeros and ones inside the eReader of your choice.

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