Sunday 16 December 2012


MJ Eccles has blogged about the YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter over on his blog here.

And to give you a quick update, we've now passed the £7000 mark - in less than ten days! That means there's only £8000 to be collected (over the next 21 days) and YOU ARE THE HERO will achieve funding!

Remember - keep spreading the word!

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Zanafarr said...

Aw, thanks :)
If you have an image that you'd be happy for me to use, I can pop that into next weekend's post for you too. Images tend to catch people's eyes quite nicely and'd help draw you some more attention.
Plus, I re-organised next weeks' post to make it queue up Night of the Necromancer for the 22nd's upload, so that gives plenty opportunity to get you some more audience!