Friday 1 February 2013

Gamebook Friday: Shadows over Sylvania - one week to go!

That's right, the wait is almost over! Shadows over Sylvania is released on Friday 8 February as a Direct Exclusive from the Black Library.

Keep an eye out over the coming week for some more teasers about what you can expect to find in the book (like the one below) and make sure you're back here next Friday for the big reveal of the book's cover!



Lahmian vampires are directly descended from the mother of all vampires Neferata, Dark Queen of the Cursed City of long-lost Lahmia herself.

After her city was destroyed by the Kings of Nehekhara, Neferata fled with her minions to the mountain known as the Silver Pinnacle. Having driven out the Dwarfs that were already living in the mountain, the arch-vampire queen established a new court. She still rules there now, as leader of a Sisterhood of enchantingly beautiful vampires.

Secrecy, cunning and intrigue are the preferred weapons of the Lahmians, where others would choose to use brute strength and savage violence. They take an active interest in human affairs, seeking to sway the political powers of the human kingdoms to do their will. As a result, the Lahmians have sunk their talons – and their fangs – into all levels of human society. No one knows how many eccentric old noblewomen, widows of princes and aristocrats, and high-born ladies who shun the light of the sun, are in truth part of Neferata's coven.

Neferata’s name, translated from the ancient Nehekharan tongue, means ‘She who is beautiful in death’. Vampires of her get use their seductive powers and hypnotic beauty to beguile others into aiding them in their nefarious schemes. Lahmians are also mistresses of magic, and are able to move with preternatural swiftness.

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