Wednesday 27 February 2013

Nazi Zombie Army: Götterdämmerung

It's Wednesday and, oh look, I've got another book out. Well, okay, maybe book is exaggerating things a little. It's an eBook and the story's about 10,000 words long, but it only costs 77p!

Following in the well-trodden footsteps of fellow Abaddon authors Jasper Bark and Scott K Andrews, I have written a story set within the world of Sniper Elite, Rebellion Developments' flagship World War Two first-person shooter.

My story is a prequel to the new game Nazi Zombie Army*. Götterdämmerung tells the story of a team of British soldiers sent behind enemy lines towards the end of the war, to discover precisely what it is the Nazi Occult Division are up to and to put a stop to it.

Here's the blurb from the book's Amazon page:

The Nazis, desperate for victory at all costs, explored every avenue open to science, including some long forgotten... and some best left dead. But what if they had succeeded?

In the obscure village of Totenstadt, a team of the Reich's best minds, under the terrible Colonel von Teufel, are blending technology and the occult to create a new and terrible weapon, to test the boundary between life and death itself.

Elite British snipers Joe Randall, George "Ginger" Gibbs and Harry Atkins are sent deep into enemy lines to locate and destroy the facility. The mission will test their courage - and their sanity - to the limits...

You can pick up a copy of Götterdämmerung (published by Abaddon Books) for your Kindle here. You can purchase a copy of the game Nazi Zombie Army on Steam here.

Warning! The following video contains scenes of gore, Nazis and the occult!

* Goodness knows what sort of hits this blog is going to receive now that I've got the words 'Nazi', 'Zombie' and 'Army' in the title of a post.

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