Wednesday 20 February 2013

Mission: Games Workshop - Exeter & Cribbs Causeway

It's been a while, but I made up for not having been to a new Games Workshop store since 2012 by visiting two today.

The first was the Exeter store, where key timer Andy kindly gave my Second Born a quick lesson in how to paint Blood Angels.

I took the chance to check out the new Dark Angels Codex and Warriors of Chaos Army book. I was particularly interested in seeing the new codex, since I wrote the background for the Dark Angels for the ancient Angels of Death codex back in the 1990s.

The second store was the Cribbs Causeway store (just outside Bristol) where key timer Terri showed off some awesome tanks and scenery.


So where's next? If you're the manager of a Games Workshop store and you'd like me to pop in to do a signing, drop me a line via

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