Monday 4 March 2013

Mission: Games Workshop - Shrewsbury & The Sci-Fi Weekender

So this weekend (just in case you missed all the posts about it last week) I was at the Sci-Fi Weekender in North Wales. On the way up I stopped in Shrewsbury for a bite to eat, and (as is my wont) I popped into the local GW store.

There were some bizarre Tyranid-mechanicus hybrids on display, along with a rather cool Terrorgheist and Arachnarok Spider. However, the GW focus of the weekend was the Sci-Fi Weekender itself.

I had a table at the event, which happened to be positioned next door to the Black Library stand. This worked really well, because it meant that people who picked up a copy of Shadows Over Sylvania or Herald of Oblivion could then come and get it signed, without me having to leave my (very busy) stall.

On the Saturday, myself and fellow BL authors Gav Thorpe and Graham McNeill took part in a panel on Shared World fiction (with an emphasis on Warhammer and 40K, of course), which (I am told) was very enjoyable and chock full of useful advice to aspiring tie-in fiction writers.

I also noticed that I was signing quite a lot of Path to Victory gamebooks, which was nice.

Graham McNeill meets some of the local wildlife at the Sci-Fi Weekender.

Shadows Over Sylvania and Herald of Oblivion on sale at the Black Library trade stand.
Marcus and Winston - I think these guys might quite like gamebooks a bit.

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