Wednesday 20 March 2013

Warhammer Wednesday: Shadows Over Sylvania - the first review!

I'd not read a review of Shadows Over Sylvania before reading this one. It's by Joe Warren and appeared over on the Fantasy Book Review website.

Joe has lots of lovely things to say about the bloodiest gamebook I've ever written, but here's a particularly choice morsel to feast yourselves on:

"Quite often with game books the adventure itself either feels too short or agonisingly long with endless foes to face. The danger is that the adventure then feels like a trudge through the book. With Shadows Over Sylvania this was not the case. The adventure kept my interest throughout the story and the narrative was engaging and interesting to the end."

Joe also makes mention of Karl Richardson's fantastic illustrations:

"The illustrations by Karl Richardson were also awesome representations of the horrors that await the adventurer."

Like this one, you mean?

So, in summary?

"9/10 - A great game book with enough options and interesting story line to mean it is revisited many times."

Thanks, Joe. :-)

You can order your copy of Shadows Over Sylvania direct from the Black Library here.

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