Saturday 29 June 2013

Short Story Saturday: The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is the next anthology to come from Pandemonium Fiction, due to be published this October. Amongst its TOC is a short story by Yours Truly, with one of the weirdest titles I've ever given to a tale...

Egyptian death and the afterlife: mummies (Rooms 62-3)

But don't let the title put you offer. After all, here's what my editor Jared Shurin had to say about it: "This is a lovely story." Yes, you read that right. Lovely.

I'm not known for my 'lovely' stories, so maybe you should check out my tale of a mummy, eternal love and the curse of immortality.

And while we're on the subject of Mummies and their curses, check out the mystery of the moving Egyptian statuette.

No, not this Mummy.

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