Wednesday 12 June 2013

YOU ARE THE HERO - so have your say!

A round-up of YOU ARE THE HERO related-things (in case you haven't read them elsewhere already)...

Tomorrow I'm meeting with Geraldine Cooke, the editor who originally commissioned The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. If you were me, what would you like to ask her about Fighting Fantasy? Let me know!

I'm also commissioning some brand new artwork for the book by legendary movie concept artist Iain McCaig. If you were me, what would ask him to draw for YOU ARE THE HERO?

And lastly, I'm having some custom dice made for backers, but should the YOU ARE THE HERO logo replace the 1 spot or the 6 spot? Have your say today!

1 comment:

NiceMazeShark said...

For Geraldine Cooke: Was it a challenge to go from editing traditional books to a non-linear narrative?

As for Iain McCaig... I'd ask for some pictures of scenes that didn't get illustrated, maybe from books he did, or other books if he's okay with that. Or maybe a few different scenes of generic adventurers from various demographics doing daring things from the books.

Oh and a picture of the standard adventurer kit would be cool!

The You Are the Hero logo should go on the six, since if we roll a six in FF we really are the hero now, and not another corpse for the pile at the back of the room the main villain is in.