Friday 27 December 2013

Gamebook Friday: Recent Gamebook Acquisitions

Over the last few weeks I've acquired various gamebook-related items. Some of these I've purchased (at events like Dragonmeet), others are the result of Kickstarter projects I've backed, and then there are the books I've written myself.

My most recent acquisitions include my Warhammer Path to Victory gamebook Shadows Over Sylvania, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Second Edition RPG Blacksand supplement, the Holdfast Kickstarter, and the Tin Man Games app version of Ian Livingstone's Island of the Lizard King.

If you think you would like any of the above, simply click on the relevant links.

1 comment:

Hervé said...

Hi Jon,

Does your amazing "Knights of Doom" can be available soon in the new Wizard Book edition ?
In fact, this book must be very expensive on Amazon because it's very very I cannot buy it :-(

Happy new year 2014 ;-) and a lot of success!