Thursday, 16 June 2016

Steampunk Thursday: TivLitFest 2016

Last weekend I was one of the authors invited to take part in the second Tiverton Literacy Festival - a.k.a. TivLitFest.

The event began for me on the Saturday with the Book Fair, during the course of which I ran into the Hatter, which was rather appropriate considering I was selling Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland, as well as my Pax Britannia books.

While at the Book Fair I also met up with the Circle of Spears crew, who will be producing the audiobook version of SHARKPUNK.

In the evening, I attended a talk given by authors Jenny Kane and Laura Wilkinson about the different ways to get published

And then on the Sunday, I gave a talk about my own work, specifically writing tie-in fiction and adventure gamebooks, an event which also closed this year's TivLitFest.

A huge thank you to all of the organisers, specifically Jenny Kane, Kerstin Muggeridge and Sue Griggs, as well as Naomi De Vries, for inviting me, for making me feel so welcome, and for the kind gift as well. And of course an equally huge thank you to everyone who came along to my talk or bought one of my books during the course of the weekend.

Kerstin, Yours Truly, Jenny and Sue.

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