Sunday 21 November 2010

M is for Monster!

Monsters and creatures and horrors, oh my...

With each letter of the alphabet comes a different monster, and with each turn of the page comes a new foray into another author's sinister imaginings. From new twists on traditional favourites to modern glimpses into lesser-known mythology, from time-honoured staples of the horror genre to never-before-seen-beasts of the authors' design, these twenty-six tales take you on a wild roller-coaster tour of wicked conjuration.

A shrieking banshee of the High Moor... a seductive (and deadly) incubus spirit... a ghastly lot of blood-frenzied hogs... a biblical giant whose side of the story has never been told... the sword-slinging God of War himself... a vampire, a demon, a jabberwock, and a whole hellish host of other creatures and fiends known only by a few...

It's all jam-packed inside M IS FOR MONSTER: An Alphabetical Anthology of Abominations. Twenty-six international authors, twenty-six diverse tales. Legend and lore the world 'round have come together to bring this collection to chilling, spine-tingling life.

And the alphabet has never been so frightening.

Here's what people have been saying about the collection already:

I highly recommend buying this book, there is enough monsters within these pages to satisfy even the most jaded horror fan. However you may never want to go out for a curry or stop off at a noodle bar again.

All in all this book is a worthy purchase for anyone who likes short stories. There is a lot to love about this book...

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