Friday 30 January 2015

Gamebook Friday: Bloodbones reviewed

Reviews of Tin Man Games' version of my fourth Fighting Fantasy gamebook Bloodbones have been appearing steadily ever since the app was release. Here are just some of things people have been saying about it.

"Fast paced and challenging, this adventure is FF at it's best! J.Green expertly tells a story rich in detail and epic in scope. Traps and puzzles along the way all lead to a mighty chase and tough showdown with Cinnabar. Another fantastic game book from TMG with detailed maps, artwork and genuine love for source material. ★★★★★ Top notch!!"

"Bloodbones is the eighth classic Fighting Fantasy title that Tin Man Games have adapted, and this one is a glum little semi-horror adventure set in a dark pirate fantasy setting... Older folk who have fond memories of gamebooks before video games were anything more than bleeps and bloops in dingy arcades and who have somehow not yet played one of Tin Man Games' titles... well, you may as well start here." ~ 

"The right kind of pulp fantasy that makes for a real page turner of an experience."

"Jonathan Green's writing is strong throughout... the presentation is top notch, with attractive page turn transitions, and excellent audio design that both ratchets up the tension during fight sequences, and provides a spooky atmosphere that, smartly, never distracts from the act of reading." ~

"Great book :) Keep them coming Tin Man Games."

To download the app for your prized piece of tech of choice, follow this link.

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