Saturday 3 January 2015

Happy New Year, Happy New Writing Career?

Could 2015 be the year you make it as a freelance writer, or that you get to create a fantasy or SF world of your own for the first time (like that of Pax Britannia), or you get to write for one of the biggest SF (and fantasy) publishers in the world?

If that sounds like the kind of Happy New Year you would like to enjoy, then check out both Abaddon Books' and the Black Library's open submissions windows now!

The Abaddon Books submission window is open from midnight GMT on 14th January 2015, and closes at midnight GMT on 15th February 2015, while the Black Library is already accepting submissions for Deathwatch stories, and will be until midnight GMT on Monday 26th January.

So don't delay - get writing today!

PS - Matt Sylvester has written a comprehensive piece on his blog about why you should follow publisher guidelines during open submission periods very carefully.

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