Saturday 24 January 2015

Short Story Saturday: 2015 - The Year of the Shark

As we're almost a month into the new year, I thought it was timely to pass on some Sharkpunk news and to ask a couple of favours of you, the future fans and evangelists of the phenomenon that is SHARKPUNK.

First off, all the stories for this selachian-inspired short story anthology are in and I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have secured the services of a totally awesome cover artist, the identity of whom we will be announcing soon, alongside the first reveal of his frankly fantastic Sharkpunk cover art.

It you're on Twitter, please follow @Sharkpunked and share the handle on #ff Follow Friday. Also, if you ever happen to Tweet about Sharkpunk, please use the hashtag #Sharkpunk.

Sharkpunk also has its own Facebook page, which you can access here. Please 'Like' this and ask all of your friends and followers to 'Like' it too. The more buzz we can create about the book before it's released the better. (It would be brilliant if we could hit 1,000 Facebook 'Likes' before the book cruises into warmer waters this coming May.)

Please spread the word about Sharkpunk however you see fit, and I'll see you again soon. (Just so long as I remember to stay out of the water.)

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