Monday 4 April 2011

Genre for Japan - bidding now closed

Genre for Japan is now over - and has raised over eleven thousand pounds! This is a fantastic result, and Jenni Hill, Amanda Rutter, Lou Morgan, Rosemary Jane Smith and Alasdair Stuart should feel justly proud of themselves.

The lots from the Pax Britannia team (made up of Al Ewing, Pye Parr and myself) raised £440.00! So congratulations to friends of this blog Steven Dean, James Newton and Matt Zitron - and to everyone else who placed a bid.

Meanwhile, Abaddon's editorial team (Jon Oliver, David Moore and the awesome Jenni Hill) managed to raise £660.00 between them. (Being minions of the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, I'm surprised they didn't raise £666!)

For my sins, I now need to work out how I'm going to fit the name Matt Zitron into my latest Pax Britannia adventure Time's Arrow!

So, until next time...

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