Thursday 28 April 2011

Lego Fighting Fantasy Villains

Inspired by my efforts so far - realising Akharis from Curse of the Mummy and Count Varcolac from Howl of the Werewolf in Lego form - I spent the Easter break scouring Ebay for all manner of Lego pieces in order to be able to recreate some more of my memorable Fighting Fantasy villains in little plastic bricks.

So, I started off with this little lot...

The raw materials

I then selected the pieces I needed...

To make one undead Chaos Knight Lord you will need...

And put them together to create the Dread Lord Belgaroth, riding his demonic Nightmare into battle at the climax of my second Fighting Fantasy gamebook Knights of Doom. The undead Chaos sorcerer is preparing to unleash a dark bolt of energy at our hero - YOU!

Belgaroth riding into battle upon the hellish Nightmare

And here's Tony Hough's original illustration that inspired the build above

And here he is on foot, his blighted weapon in hand.

Belgaroth, the Dread Lord of Caer Skaal

Having realised Belgaroth in Lego, I then turned my attention to creating Nazek the Warlock from my first ever Fighting Fantasy adventure Spellbreaker.

Here he is reading the Spell of Unlocking from the Black Grimoire in order to open the Casket of Shadows from which pour forth all manner of gribbly nasties.

Nazek the Warlock unleashes the horrors of the Casket of Shadows

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