Wednesday 16 May 2012

And Another Thought for the Day

"In the Good Old Days, Mister Moorcock could write about 45-50,000 words of what was then called "science fantasy" (Hawkmoon, Corum etc) and then have them published as a novel. In the Good Old Sixties, Dick novels ran 180-240 pages in paperback, and were among the best stuff produced in the field in half a century. Now of course ... 80-120,000 words minimum. If you can't be good, be BIG." 
~ Christopher Fowler, writer and novelist


Anonymous said...

Sadly very true. These days if you want to read a fantasy novel that doesn't double as a doorstop, you need to look to Young Adult fiction.

Deka Black said...

Indeed! David has taken the words from my keyboard.