Tuesday 15 May 2012

Tie-in Tuesday: Monstrous Missions review

Last week I came across this fantastic review of Monstrous Missions (and other Doctor Who Children's Books) from The Bolton News.

Apart from the great value – having two books in one – these publications are excellent. 

They are easy to read, thereby encouraging the age range they are aimed at to take up reading for pleasure. Plus the pace is quick throughout. 

In fact, these stories are more like the TV episodes than most of the other novels that are being issued. 

The dialogue between the characters is more accurate, making it easier for the reader to visualise the story. 

It is also nice to have the occasional tale in which the Doctor is on his own (Horror of the Space Snakes). It’s not often that the Doctor is alone and it makes a refreshing change. 

For older readers, there is the added pleasure of the odd reference to previous adventures, even a nod to Jaws*, and especially in the case of Extra Time, some excellent historical fact. 

These books are obviously targeted at promoting the joy of reading amongst the younger fans of the show, and in my opinion are very successful at doing it. 

Such is the aforementioned pacing of the action, you really don’t want to put them down. 

In a word – superb.

You can read the whole review here, and pick up a copy of Monstrous Missions here.

* That's a direct reference to my story Terrible Lizards.

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