Friday 4 May 2012

May the Fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day!

Just in case you didn't know, a couple of years ago I wrote a couple of Star Wars books, for a younger audience, connected to the Clone Wars saga.

The first was my Star War The Clone Wars Decide Your Destiny adventure Crisis on Coruscant.

The Galactic Senate is under attack! As Padawan to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, your mission is to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, then find out who is responsible for the plot. Your adventure will take you from the depths of the underlevels on Coruscant, to the Great Mesra Plateau and Jabba the Hutt’s Palace on Tatooine. Will you prove yourself worthy of your Jedi training or turn to the dark side when the going gets tough?

Here's what one reviewer had to say about the book:

Better than the other Decide Your Destiny books, this is written by someone who worked on some Fighting Fantasy titles, and it shows that they have experience in this format. There's a story that runs through the book and various parts branch off and eventually come back to the main line (although sometimes slightly to the side). This is in contrast to the other DYD books which often go off on wildly different courses and lack coherence...

As to the content, it again is a cut above the other DYD books - a storyline that involves JabbaVentress and Ziro and feels like it could almost be made into a Clone Wars episode, unlike the other forgettable DYD books.

This is definitely the pick of the bunch.

The second was something slightly different. It was a book I wrote for Penwizard, in which the reader is cast as either a Sith or Jedi character on a mission to fulfil the Palawa prophecy known as The Way of the Warrior, is now available to buy through my Amazon store.

To find out more about this book - and why the review below gave it 5 stars! - click here.

A book that contains your child's name and likeness goes down a treat.

The new release "The Way Of The Warrior" is now at bedtime hit and I am only allowed to read these!

This Star wars title is excellent. A choice of Jedi or Sith, The customised character appears throughout the story alongside iconic figures such as Yoda, Anakin and Count Dooku.

The book is personalised by selecting facial features along with hair style and colour to create a likeness to your child. Kids love being able to "see" themselves in a story with their favourite characters.

That reminds me, I must get round to ordering a copy of The Way of the Warrior for myself...

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