Friday 4 May 2012

World Book Night - A Dilemma

So, ages ago now (well April 23) I ran a competition on this blog connected to World Book Night.

I invited readers of this blog to write a limerick about one of my books, or a character from one of my books, and the best would receive a World Book Night book as a prize.

And I'm pleased to say... we have a winner! Congratulations Chelley Cartwright!

Now here comes the dilemma. Chelley's limerick actually gives away the twist in the tale for the story she took as her inspiration. This was always a possibility I suppose and it's met I've had a tough decision to make. The upshot is that Chelley is the winner but I won't be posting her poem here.

Sorry, Chelley. Hopefully a free copy of Harlequin will help to sugar this bitter pill.

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